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We are a pediatric therapy clinic consisting of dedicated OT’s, PT’s and SLP’s specializing in children having complex medical issues. We love working with our patients and live for the moments we see their faces light up with the pride of a new accomplishment. Our mission is to create and seize opportunities for our children to gain function, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for their independence.

Milestones, our anchor facility, is located in north McAllen in the Trenton View Center. Our center contains several rehab and sensory gyms of various sizes, as well as individual treatment spaces with sensory-rich environments that can be reconfigured as needed according to individual patient needs. We offer an eclectic assortment of equipment specifically designed with pediatric rehabilitation in mind. We were the first facility in Texas to offer Euro-peds and Thera-suit equipment in our clinic and have nearly 20 years’ experience offering that intensive program among others to children with cerebral palsy. The clinic is arranged so that it is conducive to multidisciplinary intervention, strategizing and team problem-solving. Our therapists work closely with a range of pediatric specialists and encourage parents/care-givers to attend every treatment session so that we can insure maximal carry-over to speed up functional outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Milestones remains dedicated to training our staff in the most intensive, innovative therapy models. Our original pledge to thoughtful, individualized programs that achieve maximum functional outcomes for each patient remains at the core of our corporate culture. Many of our therapists hold certifications in specialized treatment principles and techniques. Some of our areas of unique expertise include:

  • Neurodevelopmental treatment
  • Euro-peds/Thera-suit
  • Sensory/Auditory processing assessment and treatment
  • Autism assessment and treatment, (ADOS and ADI-R)
  • Language Stimulation, (Hanen Language Approach)
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Oral-motor-feeding/Dysphagia Management
  • Electrical stimulation (including NMES for Dysphagia Management)
  • Taping
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Splinting
  • Reading intervention

Ancillary Services

Milestones’ staff is able to improve upon outcomes potential by offering several other specialized services all under the direction of our pediatric medical director such as:

  • Mobile Imaging for swallowing function,
  • Wheelchair assessment,
  • Nutritional counseling,
  • Participation in the Valley Nutrition Study,
  • Social services
  • DME consultations

Home Health Services

In 2017, we expanded Milestones’ reach by offering in-home services to children whom are unable to come into the clinic due to medical circumstances through our sister company, Milestones at Home. We anticipate continued expansion of our Home Health services beyond the RGV and look forward to the opportunity to serve even more children than we could have otherwise. Please click on the MAH link for more information or for employment opportunities.


Since our early days, Milestones has made a concerted effort to bring quality continuing education events to our geographical area. These days we accomplish that through Minds on the Move, accredited to offer CEU’s for all disciplines. Although our primary intent is to provide our own staff with in-depth advanced study, we also offer educational opportunities to other therapists in our under-served region. By bringing quality educational experiences here, we help our entire community in delivery of more effective therapeutic interventions to our fellow citizens. Please visit Minds on the Move for upcoming course information at www.mindsonthemove.com.


We place a premium on integrity and dedication to the patient. Milestones has received multiple awards throughout the years and were most recently awarded Preferred Provider status for Superior Health care-one of only four providers granted that exclusive status in the State of Texas. In addition, we participate in the state of Texas IG Initiative, dedicated to combating fraud and waste within the state Medicaid system. Please see the IG initiative tab for more information or on what you can do to prevent fraud and waste.

Our commitment to you

We welcome you to explore this site as an educational experience. We hope you will mark the page as one of your favorites and check it often. Information about current treatment techniques, our wonderful staff, continuing education opportunities and employment prospects will be updated frequently. When you need a resource, have questions, or to make a suggestion, please reach out. We believe strongly in the team spirit to address the needs of our population. Your ideas are welcomed and we extend a warm welcome to all to come and visit us anytime. One thing will remain constant – our ongoing commitment to those we serve, to do our very best to make their lives better.