Referral Base

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Milestones’ team receives input from not only our patients, their family, therapists, our medical director and our patient’s primary-care physician, but also their many specialists, teachers, social workers, case managers, DME providers, orthotists, psychologists, play therapists among others involved with the patient. Because of this, we obtain a much more comprehensive picture of the child’s functional abilities, opportunities for growth and overall physical, social, environmental and emotional needs.

Subsequently, our referral sources come from many different ‘disciplines’ and have continued to grow over the history of our company. Referrals to Milestones typically come from nearly 200 different sources each year; many are patient/family requested from primary or specialty medical professionals. We require a physician prescription for all of our patients due to our licensure regulations.

If you would like to refer a patient to Milestones, please contact Beatriz Gonzalez de Garcia at or call 956-661-0475.