Mobile Imaging

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Often patients referred to Milestones have significant feeding or swallowing issues which impact their ability to take in adequate nutrition to fuel brain and body development. As part of our comprehensive team approach to dealing with these issues, we have engaged Professional Imaging, LLC, originally from the Houston area but now covering all of South Texas, to provide on-site mobile swallow studies.

Under the supervision of Nat Baumer MD and his team of experienced Speech Language Pathologists, Milestones’ patients are able to access consultations in dysphagia evaluation and management when requested by primary care physician through a prescription for Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS). A thorough examination and detailed follow-up report and digital video are provided to each patient/referral source after the study is performed in a state-of-the-art mobile van. Our team of therapists is then able to base ongoing intervention on these results in consultation with the primary care physician.

For more information about Professional Imaging, LLC, you may visit their website at or to schedule a swallow study with physician referral please contact Genie Salazar at or 956-661-0475.