Occupational Therapy

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Each member of our Occupational Therapy team brings their own unique experience when approaching treatment planning for our patients. Our OT’s view your child as a ‘whole’ and accordingly plan treatment that will facilitate independence in all life roles including play, family participation, learning, and socialization.

With roots in the mental health arena, Occupational Therapists have long combined the love of working with attitudes, motivation and psycho-social issues with the physical and intellectual abilities presented in our clinic. An initial evaluation with one of our team might span a time frame of several hours where information is gathered about medical history, developmental progression, functional abilities within the context of different environments, psycho-social make-up of both child and family, as well as sensory, cognitive, behavioral, physical and learning strengths and needs.

Our team has specialized training in many therapeutic techniques including Sensory Integration, sensory processing, Neurodevelopmental Treatment, handwriting, fine motor, Therapeutic Listening, Integrated Listening Systems, Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention, Listening Fitness, Myofascial Release, Europed’s Pediatric Approach, CranioSacral Therapy, the READY Approach, Interactive Metronome, Kinesiotaping as well as many visual motor/spatial techniques. Having received cross-training with team members in many of these interventions, carry-over from one discipline to another is seamless. For more information about our OT department, please contact our Clinical Excellence Leader for Occupational Therapy, Trudi Pacheco, LOT at Trudi@milestonestx.com.