Speech Language Pathology

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Participating in everyday life, making new friends, success at school-all can be significantly more difficult when communication or swallowing difficulties exist. In Milestones speech-language/swallowing programs, therapists facilitate skills using a variety of innovative whole-body techniques, setting a rapid pace for progress. Our speech team has learned that movement facilitates language and we take this lesson to heart.

Our Speech-language Pathology team is a large group of very dynamic individuals who specialize in a variety of communication and feeding/swallowing disorders. Among us are sensory processing experts, feeding specialists, neurodevelopmental-trained clinicians, reading specialists and language-delay interventionists. Our team includes those that love working with the most challenging feeding difficulties, fluency, voice, cognitive/learning issues and auditory processing disorders as well language development. We are not only skilled at working with language based delays, but excel with medically-involved individuals requiring supplemental oxygen, tracheostomy’s, ventilators and/or feeding tubes. Our treatment plans are uniquely created to meet the needs of anyone referred to us and the team comes together to provide extensive coverage in all areas of communication, feeding and augmentative communication technology.

To assist in determining the oral feeding status of our patients, our SLP’s utilize mobile-imaging services to perform diagnostic modified barium swallow studies on-site. Our clinicians are able to serve as part of the team, along with primary care physicians, nurses and families to determine the best path to take in facilitating safe oral feedings. Additionally, many of our kids have significant respiratory issues for which our therapists have advanced training to enable enhanced rib cage mobility for ease and efficiency in the breathing process.

Some of our programs are best delivered in an intensive model and our team works hard to match treatment frequency and coordination of care to best fit with patient needs. We also provide consultations to school districts and classrooms across the area to ensure carry-over of our carefully developed treatment plans. For additional information about our ST Department, you may contact Genie Salazar, MS, CCC/SLP, at Genie@milestonestx.com.