Physical Therapy

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Our team of Physical Therapists has spent countless hours training to meet the needs of infants, children and young adults with postural and movement issues. Many of our PT team has completed the intense and challenging Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association’s Pediatric NDT Certificate Course in the Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy, which offers several hundred hours of lecture, lab practicum and actual intervention practice with children with neuro-motor issues while supervised by well-recognized experts in the field of Physical Therapy. With ongoing mentoring and in-servicing among team members, the PT Department is ready to evaluate and treat any individual with postural, alignment, movement, soft tissue/muscular, balance, strength, or coordination issues.

Contributing to Milestones’ reputation of working with the most challenging multi-systemic issues, our PT team offers extensive evaluation, intervention and home-programming to include a diverse combination of treatment approaches. Some of these include Neuro-Developmental Treatment, the Europeds Pediatric Approach, kinesiotape, myofascial release, durable medical equipment evaluations, orthotic recommendations, Torticollis interventions, balance and vestibular work, strengthening, bilateral motor coordination, and treatments focused on timing/speed of mobility. While many of their caseloads are full of very medically-fragile and physically-involved individuals, our PT’s are equally skilled in working with those who need refinement of mobility and strengthening secondary to illness or injury.

For more specific information about treatment methodologies utilized by our Physical Therapists, contact Melanie Watson, MPT, C/NDT – Clinical-Excellence Leader at or Clarissa Leonard, MPT, C/NDT – Continuing Education Coordinator at or call 956-661-0475.