Social Work

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Strengthening families has always been a key priority for the Social Work profession. Families come in a rainbow of different lifestyles and structures and Milestones firmly supports all of them with a full range of highly individualized services for our children and their families. Assisting our families to help ensure safe and healthy development for our children requires the recognition that rising poverty, lower availability of living-wage jobs, inaccessible specialized healthcare, and inadequate housing are just a few of the many issues that make life difficult for our families.

At Milestones, one of the first team members our patients meet is our Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker who serves as a case manager for each of our families throughout the course of treatment at our clinic. She is skilled in facilitating access to resources both within our own operation as well as outreach to community, county, state and federal programs to meet the needs of our families. We recognize when a child comes to our center for therapy services, it is typically not the concern of only the individual accessing care, but of the whole family unit. Our Social Worker can help families to access housing, transportation, specialized medical care, coordination of communication with educational/vocational entities, emergency funding/care during crisis situations and introduction of parents to others in similar situations.

If you or a loved one needs help, please contact our Social Worker, Veronica Urbano at or call 956.661.0475.